Etosha National Park

A large national park characterised by its salt pan and wide expanses of savannah, the Etosha National Park is one of the top destinations for tourists visiting Namibia.

With a wealth of free-roaming game and large number of bird species, it offers something for everyone. A truly unforgettable experience, exploring Etosha should be part of every itinerary.


Northern Namibia
18.8556° S, 16.3293° E

The Etosha National Park is one of the most popular and accessible nature reserves in Namibia and Southern Africa, offering well-maintained roads. Within the borders of the park visitors will find the Etosha Salt Pan, spanning around 4731km, and have the opportunity to spot an incredible 114 species of mammal, including 4 of the Big Five.

Animals that can be found living in the park include lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, cheetah, hyena, zebra, springbok, kudu, gemsbok and eland as well as a large number of smaller mammals such as the bat-eared fox, jackal, warthog and honey badger to name but a few.

The Park offers a wide variety of activities and is a favourite location for wildlife- and birdwatching. There are also shops for those who would like to have a memento of their time there.