The vibrant capital of Namibia offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere where people of all cultures and backgrounds converge.

Colourful and modern with splashes of old-worldly charm, Windhoek is the first stop for most foreign visitors upon arrival in Namibia.


Central Namibia
22.5609° S, 17.0658° E

Capital of Namibia, Windhoek was founded in 1890 when the area was colonised by the Imperial German Army. Since then the city has grown tremendously and has become the industrial, political and economic centre of the country.

The geographical landscape surrounding most of Windhoek is made up of rocky, mountainous areas, resulting in a very impressive horizon from almost any vantage point.

Despite its industrial bustle, Windhoek is still a worthy destination for tourists and visitors. The Heroe's Acre, Alte Feste Museum, Schweringsburg Castle, St. Mary's Cathedral, National Museum of Namibia, Clock Tower and Township Tours are just a few attractions offered by Namibia's capital, not to mention the multitude of shops and malls throughout the city.